Alabama wide receiver Agiye Hall had his name removed from the Crimson Tide roster on Tuesday.

Once word spread on Twitter that Hall was no longer on the roster, the sophomore wide receiver responded to one of the tweets by saying: "News to me , but fs"

Hall, a former four-star prospect from the Tampa area, caught just 4 passes for 72 yards during his freshman season. He sent out another cryptic tweet during the 2021 season to voice his frustration about playing time after the Mississippi State blowout.
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tigersbb23 months
That tweet should really make him attractive to other coaches.
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Slackaveli22 months
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Vernonbrew2223 months
Must have been one of the complainers Sir Nicky said no longer exist. He is processed
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WilliamTaylor2123 months
Massive loss, he was going to be their WR1! LMAO!
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TS192623 months
He has rocks for hands.
user avatar
Strannix23 months
Saban dumpster these clowns like a boss, processed.
user avatar
WildTchoupitoulas23 months
All part of the process...
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GWM23 months
He's a no talent a$$ clown. He's also proven himself to be a toxic cancer in the locker room. It's great that he's gone !
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My2Bits23 months
He was contacting other schools for a transfer without entering the portal. Team found out and he was history.
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TouchdownTony23 months
Dude was a serious head case. All the talent but it takes a certain player to play for Saban. This guy needed to go like last year. The NC game showed all we needed to know about this guy.
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Well Bye He should go work for twitter since he works harder at that than playing ball
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chRxis23 months
fs? frick saban?
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Geaux Guy22 months
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3down1023 months
What was cryptic? I got out my decoder ring for nothing.
user avatar
BobABooey23 months
Drink your antler spray.
user avatar
AtlantaLSUfan23 months
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