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Ohio State announced the hiring of Texas A&M athletic director Ross Bjork on Tuesday afternoon.

Bjork has been Texas A&M's athletic director since 2019 and was Ole Miss' AD from 2012-2019. He will replace longtime Buckeyes athletic director Gene Smith. Per

“Few athletics directors have established such an impressive and strong record of success in athletics, in the classroom and throughout the community,” Ohio State president Ted Carter said in a news release. “The bar is incredibly high at Ohio State, and we have found in Ross a highly intelligent and effective leader – not to mention a fierce competitor.”

Bjork will be formally introduced as Ohio State’s athletic director during a press conference Wednesday at noon.

“I have been extraordinarily fortunate to work with so many outstanding student-athletes, coaches, staff and university leaders throughout my career, and Ohio State represents the culmination of these efforts,” Bjork said in Ohio State’s release. “To be a part of Buckeye Nation, along with its storied traditions and long history of achievement, is a tremendous honor and a welcome challenge. I can’t wait to get started.”
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user avatar
LSUnKaty2 months
Oh no, hatchet man.

He fired Freeze and then left, fired Jimbo and now has left. Who’s next?
user avatar
ColoradoElkHerd2 months
user avatar
Leopold2 months
I don't understand - doesn't A&M have the money to keep him?
user avatar
Texas Weazel1 month
He was asked to find a new job after screwing up so many times.
user avatar
CanebreakCajun2 months
They hired the guy who gave Jimbo a 10 year extension, 2 years into his original deal.
user avatar
Shamoan2 months
Pfff….talk about falling up. It keeps happening to this dolt.
user avatar
ForeverGator2 months
I hope he signs Ryan Day to a life contract.
user avatar
GoldenReb2 months
A&M….you lucky bastards.
user avatar
Tridentds2 months
I can speak for most Ags... we are VERY happy for Ohio St.
user avatar
STATEofMIND2 months
LOL Ohio State is fricked!
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