CBS's deal broadcasting deal with the SEC ends following the 2023 football season and Disney could b
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CBS's broadcasting deal with the SEC ends following the 2023 football season and when it ends they may have some serious competition from a major competitor to get the conference back...

CBS’ toughest competition for the top SEC TV package is expected to be from Disney. Disney already owns a large slate of SEC games that it broadcasts on its ESPN and SEC Network channels, but internally the feeling is landing the current SEC on CBS package is a major priority. Not only would there be tremendous value for the company to own the entire SEC slate but it would create considerable more flexibility for scheduling games. Disney could carve out a weekly spot on ABC to give the games maximum exposure the way CBS has done each week in its 3:30 EST time slot for the SEC. There could be a similar commitment to more cameras and the best possible talent announcers to give it the big game feel CBS has excelled at each week. Currently, ABC has its top announcing crew of Chris Fowler and Kirk Herbstreit slated for its primetime game.
Would ya miss Gary Danielson?

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HarryBalzack51 months
I really don't like listening to Herbstreit and Fowler call games.
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eugene1928LSU51 months
Good riddance vern and hopefully the gump loving gary
user avatar
redfish9951 months
Make it happen Mickey.
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Tigershatebama51 months
Don't really give a shite about the announcers. This is something to keep an eye on. This could mean that the crap afternoon 2:30 time slot for LSU home games, especially the good conference games, might be minimized or gone. Worrying about Gary Danielson is less important than the opportunity to regain some of our gameday traditions.
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RammerJammer00751 months
Who cares about LSU night games.........
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weeble51 months
Maybe we could get Blackledge and whomever else every week. As long as Gary is gone. Can we start a go fund me to help Disney, or maybe buy a few 100 Marvel DVD's or subscriptions to Disney+?
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lsutigersFTW51 months
Fowler and Herbstreit couldn’t say enough good things after the LSU/Florida game. They are probably sick of calling Clemson blowouts against Wake Forest, and Ohio State games against Northwestern. I bet they would cut down a lot on travel too, as pretty much most of gamedays locations are SEC schools
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Bald Messiah51 months
Gary Danielson is a tool and the thought of never hearing him again gives me a boner.
user avatar
ArkTiger5551 months
Get Gary's arse outta there.
user avatar
SomeLSUguy51 months
I would much rather listen to Hirbstreit and Fowler
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WithaRebelYell51 months
I like Verne but if I never heard Gary talk again I'd be a happy man.
user avatar
91TIGER51 months
I'm so glad Verne is gone, and I don't mind Gary.
user avatar
progodlegend51 months
dead lord baby jesus...
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