Following the Rebels’ hard-fought 74–72 loss to La Salle on Sunday, Ole Miss guard Marshall Henderson flipped the double bird to the crowd at Kansas City’s Sprint Arena. However, Henderson didn’t make any effort to deny what he did. When asked why he went double bird, he said...

"Someone yelled that my sister is a whore and said something about cocaine."

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Russianblue135 months
she's NOT a coke whore a-hole!

she's a meth-head.
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calitiger135 months
White trash. Perfect for ole piss.
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pellietigersaint135 months
its perfect that he plays for ole miss.
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Tiger n Miami AU83135 months
Reminds me of McElroy flipping off Aubies in the 2010 IB when bama went up 24-0. Didn't work out too weel from him in the end though. lol.
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ukraine_rebel135 months
Certainly didn't stray from his character. He might end up in the WWE before its all said and done.
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Jizzy08135 months
Funny how ole miss fans defend him; people that pride themselves on being "southern gentlemen." Flipping the crowd off...what a baby.
user avatar
ItsThatDude12135 months
i love that guy
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NorthLaTigerFan135 months
Henderson and Andy Kennedy are fine ambassadors for Ole Miss. All of these entities deserve each other.
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GTHTSUN135 months
What his response really says is this.
"I'm a loud mouth shite talking bitch but I sure as hell can't take it. So instead of me acting like I didn't hear it I show just how much of a cry baby I really am"
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TwoDatBait135 months
NO they said she is a coke whore, but why get mad if isnt true????
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Tmacelroy12135 months
I don't think this will be the last time we see him on TruTV
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lsuhunt555135 months
So he can dish it, but he cant take it? Makes sense.
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