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@arflora reports...

"honey badger sitting right next to me in class
picture of the ever elusive honey badger in his natural habitat"
Anthony Flora says the class he has with the Honey Badger is "The Olympic Games: Ancient and Modern." Which was verified as an actual class at LSU.
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bwallcubfan138 months
he's going to know who took this pic...haha...
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pellietigersaint138 months
good for him. and to the person who took the pic, cograts on being a 1st class creeper
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tigercat70138 months
Really proud of you, Badger. Forget about football and just concentrate on the grades!!
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tiger1980138 months
All the best TM7,really proud of you!!!
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CajunAlum Tiger Fan138 months
Douchebag who posted this is a douchebag.
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Nativebullet138 months
that's kinda creepy to snap a pic of him like that.
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stonedbegonias138 months
Whoever took that picture needs to have their iphone smashed.
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AtlantaLSUfan138 months
Looks likes badger may need glasses...

Study hard TM7 so glad you're back at LSU! Can't wait to see you play again.
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msbargas138 months
Nice to see that he is focusing on the Classics (ancient olympiads)
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trakmak777138 months
Psycho let the guy live.

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catfish 62138 months
When has this ever been TM7's "natural habitat"?
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TFS4E138 months
In Roy's class. Love that guy!
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PurpleNGoldFan138 months
Talk about an invasion of privacy...
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SOCAL TIGER138 months
God bless him. Stay focused and stay on track. Whether he plays again or not he has shown he is more than a football player. He is a Tiger and a man.
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GeauxZone90138 months
Honey Badger on facebook
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monz29138 months
stalker pic
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Carson123987138 months
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