Kansas’ Charlie Weis is defending Oklahoma coach Stoops' comments that the SEC’s dominance of college football is overblown. Stoops stated that the bottom teams of the Big 12 were better and more competitive than their counterparts in the SEC. Weis told

“I’m just sayin’, you look at the bottom of our league and the bottom of their league, just going based off the numbers, there’s validity in what he said,” “I’m just going based off the numbers, I mean, I’m a numbers guy. Just based off the numbers, you’d have to say he’s got a point.”
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TheWhiteTiger131 months
Average 2013 NFL non SEC drafted: 21
2013 NFL SEC drafted: 69
How can the NFL be so wrong?
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TheEye131 months
c'mon chucky, our bottom half plays against the best competition in the country, your bottom half play against the decent teams your conference has to offer.
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kpg4842131 months
You Need Some More Cheese Cake Chuck!
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plutonium55131 months
Charlie, Put the sandwich down and back away from it.....The top half on the big 12 beats the bottom half and the top half sucks.
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tigergym131 months
Who goes off the numbers of the BOTTOM teams???
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Ignignot131 months
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aaronb023131 months
for a numbers guy he sucks at counting calories
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Spaulding Smails131 months
Where does Charlie coach again...a High School?
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Sid in Lakeshore131 months
Sounds like ole Charlie is trying to convince himself...
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CGSC Lobotomy131 months
When your league champion is held to 24 points by Baylor.

I say again, when your LEAGUE CHAMPION is held to 24 POINTS by BAYLOR, you have absolutely no room to talk.
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harmonics131 months
He said numbers a lot....
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DrSteveBrule131 months
How many defenses have existed in the Big XII in the last 5 years?

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Gondor131 months
Since their "elite" teams cannot compete and OK gets hammered in the Cotton Bowl by the Aggies, they are reduced to argueing about the lower tier teams. One of the reasons the lower SEC teams don't have great records, is that they have to play truly elite teams, not Big 10/12/8 (or whatever the hell the number is this year)elite wannabes. Back to the buffet Charlie.........all you can inhale.
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LSUtiger89131 months
Missouri was a top tier school in there conference. If one of their top tier schools can barely compete with our bottom tier schools, how do that believe their bottom tier schools can beat ours?
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Dr RC131 months
its funny cause he's fat
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LSUtah131 months
It is such an apple to organe comparison. 10 teams vs 14...Big 12 has no dominat power and SEC has 2-3 at any time. What a tool.
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hwnd131 months
So since they can't brag about the top half of their conference, they're going to debate which low-tier group is better? That's some sad shite right there.
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km131 months
Since 2007, every SEC team including Vanderbilt and Kentucky, has been in the AP Top 25 for at least one week. Stoops is an underachiever and Weiis is an under-under achiever.
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kmcmah1131 months
The reason our weaker teams are weak is because they have to play against the better teams.
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PortCityTiger82131 months
He left the SEC because his shitty offense couldn't cut it against real SEC defenses. Choke on a hoagie ya fatty!
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