The War Eagle Reader was able to obtain this picture of this tattoo as well as the guy’s name which happens to be Giancarlo Guida. Guida happens to be a former rugby player for the Auburn Tigers and was a part of the team that won the 1999 SEC National Championship. Check out his tribute to Toomer's Corner...

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HeadSlash135 months
Where's Harvey Updyke when you need him?
user avatar
AUCE05135 months
user avatar
Jizzy08135 months
Looks like a haunted house
user avatar
Tmacelroy12135 months
He also has the Sicilian 3 legged head, seems like a cool guy
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the LSUSaint135 months
Serious question, besides the idiots who think it gives them some kind of respect, does anyone ever tell guys like this they like their tattoo?

My God they are all hideous and NO ONE truly thinks anyone is "better" for having one....imo
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Thracken13135 months
mother of god this shite is embarrassing. I'm an AU fan as much as any other - but this is just plain retarded.
user avatar
Prometheus135 months
He should really get that mole checked out. War Damn Eagle.
user avatar
FleshEatingSalsa135 months
Rammer Lammer has some competition.
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