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Earlier today former West Virginia QB Pat White posted on Facebook that Alabama offered him a Corvette to sign with them. This was in response to Alabama RB Derrick Henry posting a picture of his new car earlier this week. So later today when Nick Saban was asked about that story, he was not too happy. Saban was not the coach at Alabama when White was being recruited, but this was his response when asked by The Tennessean before today's Crimsons Tide Caravan event what he thought about what White posted...

"I didn't even know it happened so I can't comment on it," Saban said. "Is that the best thing we can talk about? Kiss my arse." can watch video of it here.
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STRIPES122 months
21-0? And Bama didn't even win their division that year. Why because Les whipped the little man's arse in T-town and then won the SEC. Bama cried and whined its' way into the BCS NC game and polished a lot of balls to get there.

Oh speaking of baseball, yes LSU is a baseball school as well. Because LSU has an ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT not a Football Department. LSU has a total of 46 National Titles in various sports and 6 are from baseball. One of which was against Bama at the CWS in '97.

Regarding Football Bama has played in 3 BCS Championship Games and won all 3. LSU has played in 3 BCS Championship Games and won 2. Since going to Divisional play Bama has won 9 SEC West Titles. LSU has won 8. Since 2000, Bama has won 2 SEC Titles while LSU has won 4. Since 2000 LSU and Bama have played 15 times with LSU holding a 9-6 lead in head to head competition. Not too bad for a "baseball school".

I mean look at Alabama. The two most heavily penalized schools in the SEC are Bama and Auburn. I understand that there is nothing else in Alabama(No NFL, No NBA) but damn. When is the next probation for one of you two dimwits coming?

Maybe if Alabama had an NFL team some of the stupidity would be steered away from Bama and Auburn. Probably not.
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19122 months
Half-man! Half-man!
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JimmyHDeridderhigh122 months
All liars get mad adn defensive when they're challenged. lol.
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DoubleDown122 months
Why are LSU fans commenting about a football coach discussing football topics. Isn't this baseball season and aren't y'all just a baseball school?
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TIGERFANZZ122 months
He mad. Good thing nobody threw water on him; we all know what happens when gremlins get wet.
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adono122 months
Let's get real. Saban, or anyone at Bama, doesn't need to offer cars for kids to play there. Whether we like it or nor, Saban cherry picks who he wants from most every player coming out of high school.
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EST122 months
So little Nick joins the chorus line of Bamatards - representing the University of Alabama with class.
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S.E.C. Crazy122 months
Little bitch beat your azz 21-0

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ChanBenoit122 months
If Pat would have listened and made the switch , he might still be playing football.
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ChexMix122 months
Seems like a classless reaction by Nick.
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barry122 months
he's mad because he recruited Pat White to LSU to play CB and he wanted to QB
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tigerbutt122 months

You idiot. Do you even realize what happened? Geeze.
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antibarner122 months
Mr Leo should get his act together when writing such a story. Any moron would know that Henry is not standing in front of a Vette. HAHAHA.
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brass2mouth122 months
Thats not a damn corvette Larry.
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bherm1988122 months
What would have made that video funnier is if that reporter bitch slapped Saban after he sad that.
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4WHLN122 months
Oh he mad
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WPBTiger122 months
He's an angry elf.
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lsu480122 months
What a little bitch!
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