Georgia offensive lineman Tate Ratledge might upset some Bulldogs fans with this take...
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scrooster9 months
I've been to every stadium in the league, multiple times, and (when they're winning, at night) it is as follows:

1- Tiger Stadium BR
2- Williams-Brice
2- Reynolds-Razorback
2- Sanford
2- Jordan-Hare
3- Neyland
3- Ben Hill Griffin
4- Vaught Hemingway
4- Davis Wade
4- Kroger-Commonwealth
5- Faurout
5- Kyle
5- Bama's fans are extremely spoiled, especially their students.
14- Dudley
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TerryDawg039 months
There's something about watching 100,000 people dressed like highway barrels.
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CDawson9 months
I’ve had the great honor of attending all in the great league. When the teams are winning:

Everybody else

Texas AM never wind so it’s hard to say how good it could be. Vandy and Missouri are bad.
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Uatu9 months
Sanford is an erector set compared to Neyland, so Tate is correct in his statement.
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FLTech9 months
There’s something about watching a TN football game on a cold mid afternoon Sunday. Not sure what it is about it
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Sofaking29 months
Huh? Sunday
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Lithium9 months
Or if you're sitting next to some Vols Fatties. Tennessee and Bama have the most fatties IMO. And he's never been to College Station
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DoubleDown9 months
Uhhh ok. Have you been to Tuscaloosa? There's hotties everywhere. You're silly, or gay.
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I wonder which stadiums he hasn't played in yet. Knee-land is an experience when hopping when the vols are doing well, but so is the tiger stadium, the swamp, etc.

Also, I'm sure the crowd roars playing at a major rivals stadium sound different than playing at home.
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Spelt it rong9 months
He's not played in every stadium, obviously
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Teufelhunden9 months
Not as a fan sitting in those cramped seats. I haven't been to every stadium but bama has plenty of leg room. LSU is cramped as frick too.
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BayouTiga9 months
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InVolNerable9 months
They're only cramped if you're fat.
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DoubleDown9 months
Neyland stadium gives you a 12x12inch seat. If you're over 6ft tall or weigh more than 150lbs, you're going to be cramped. So basically almost every adult male.
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