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According to ESPN's new Playoff Predictor, four teams from the SEC have a chance to reach the College Football Playoff this upcoming season. They are Alabama, Georgia, Auburn, and Mississippi State.

Playoff appearance: 47%
National Championship: 14%

Playoff appearance: 46%
National Championship: 13%

Playoff appearance: 17%
National Championship: 3%

Mississippi State
Playoff appearance: 3%
National Championship: Less than 1%

The playoff predictor had 20 total teams listed. Clemson is just ahead of Alabama at the top of the list with 67% chance to make the playoffs and a 24% chance to win the National Championship. Here is the complete list.

These five key factors determine each team's chance to reach the playoff:

-Strength of Record (how much teams have accomplished)

-FPI (how good teams are)

-Number of losses (incorporated into SOR but the committee places even more emphasis on losses)

-Conference championships

-Independent status (Notre Dame can't be a conference champion, but all else being equal it might get more credit than a team that didn't win its conference championship) -- despite the committee claiming it wants the four best teams.
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This is stupid.
Reply6 months
You saying there’s a chance?
Reply6 months
ish ain't been this exciting since Dak beat LSU in Tiger Stadium and then when State was #1. before that, it was when Croom beat Saban. These are the literal highpoints over the last 20
6 months
I miss all the crOOmed memes.
6 months
if the supposedly 3rd best SEC West team (Ms St) has a 3% chance of making the playoffs, then shouldn't whoever is the 2nd best SEC East team, who doesn't have to play Bama and AUB have better odds at making the playoffs?
Reply6 months
No because the east is shite besides UGA
6 months
Big 4
Reply6 months
I don’t get the hype for Mississippi State.
Reply6 months
They are just returning a lot
6 months
I can't see them winning more than 9 games.
6 months
Florida way too low
Reply6 months
Go commodores!!!!
Reply6 months
How many years in a row has ESPN's playoff predictor said to "watch out for Notre Dame"?
Reply6 months
This would be 5.
6 months
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