We've seen all kinds of attendance at this year's college football spring games. On3 collected reported attendance figures from spring games, so here's who's fans showed up months before the season starts...
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tigerpawl12 months
4-8 Nebraska? 66K?
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NebraskaExPat12 months
Nebraska has sold out a stadium (now 90,000 seats) for over 60 years.

The Nebraska spring game gives lots of kids the chance to see an actual game with tickets under $30, with many of the seats $10.
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6R1212 months
LOL who cares
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beachbum12 months
Hang the banner
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ksdolfan12 months
Just a few weeks ago we got a post about how small FSU's crowd was. Now they are in the top 12. Which is it?
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Nole Man12 months
Floridians are smart. They sit in the shade.
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14caratgoldjones12 months
Glad you made that point. I remember the same article but couldn’t dig it up. WTH?
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cypresstiger12 months
Nebraska 66,000. Why?
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cajunmud12 months
I think if we had a more traditional game and not more of a practice, more folks would have showed up. Maybe next year we can when we have a full roster.
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Black n Gold12 months
Most worthless stat in all of college football.
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TouchdownTony12 months
The shoe was packed. I thought OSU had more than the reported number.
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DoubleDown12 months
Y'all used to make fun of Alabama fans when they packed 100k plus into a spring game cause of the Saban excitement. Now look at ya...
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gamecockman1212 months
South Carolina: 51,000
Clemson: 50,000

Love it.
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Serraneaux12 months
Top 5 Vols

Water is wet
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tygerphan12 months
Preseason Champs. Every sport. Every season.
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JackieTreehorn12 months
Vols are the new Georgia. 25 consecutive preseason national champs and counting.
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