A year ago an Alabama fan showed up to SEC Media Days in a enormous hat that was made to look like a National Championship ring. Well, with the 2014 SEC Media Days staring up Monday, guess who showed up again, but this time in a wearing a Jacob Coker jersey...
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BugaSuga36os119 months
Bama by far has the trashiest fan base
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bayou2003120 months
wow. Auburn and UT fans better not piss him off. Look at his face in the second pic. Guy means business when it comes to his Tide.
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FairhopeTider120 months
DoubleDown, a vast majority of our fans suck. They spend the night outside BDS so they can get Saban's autograph for the 18th time but probably couldn't tell you more than 5 names on the roster.
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AUlove23120 months
Naice chayn ther boi. Row taide!!
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Datbayoubengal120 months
hasn't he been doing this for years?
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Chicken120 months
That guy is awesome! He is creative and has a sweet mustache.
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TeamWillow120 months
trash gonna trash
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tigerbite2120 months
Bama will definitely censor this guy for sure.....Nick should have been the one to unveil the new helmet that the tide will be sporting this year...absolutely magnificent!!!!!!
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Old Money120 months
Strong pedo stash. Bet he's slaying srat girls at rounders on the reg.
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DoubleDown120 months
Jesus Christ, some of our fans are just miserable people. Does this guy have a job? Did he take off work to put that jersey, A necklace and a ring hat on and go to a meeting where it didn't even involve his school today.

As an actual Alabama Alumni, this guy makes me sad. Please, sidewalk fans, I beg you to stop. Stop the insanity.
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Dr. Morgus120 months
what a disgusting breed
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