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Alabama DB Terrion Arnold was all over Texas A&M's final play Saturday night, because apparently he is a lipreader. Per

This was one of those backyard football moments. One snap … the last play before going in for dinner.

Winner takes all.

No do overs.

That’s where Terrion Arnold found himself at exactly 10:30 Saturday night, up 24-20, three seconds on the clock with Texas A&M at the 2-yard line. The Alabama cornerback sensed the stakes.

And he knew it was coming his way.

Looking to the Aggie sideline, Arnold later said he locked in on A&M coach Jimbo Fisher.

“He’s going ‘Evan, Evan, Evan,’” Arnold recalled.

Of course, Evan Stewart was his assignment in the pass/fail moment at the center of the college football universe.
(Barstool Sports)
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user avatar
LSUvet7218 months
Stupid offensive call with less than 5 yds from goal cause defensive player can engage on receiver.
user avatar
Kankles18 months
I was wondering how he knew to grab Evan’s jersey.
user avatar
skrayper18 months
Still ignoring those tackles on Will Anderson.
Aggies gonna Ag.
user avatar
Boudreaux Jones18 months
Not having PI called on you helps too, but of course Jimbo telegraphed it. :)
user avatar
tigersbb18 months
Ever hear Jimbo talk. No one can read his lips he talks so damn fast.
user avatar
captdalton18 months
Ever hear Jimbo talk. No one can read his lips he talks so damn fast.

user avatar
Tiger in Texas18 months
It was just a dumb play call...period!
user avatar
BobABooey18 months
A Bama football player who can read? I call BS.
user avatar
Crimson1st18 months
Yeah it’s hard to focus on reading when you can stare at all those Natty rings on your hand all day instead.
user avatar
Deltatiger18 months
Crimson...come on now. Kid is a RS Fr. He's YOUR guy and you don't know he hasn't won a single "Natty" much less a handful.
user avatar
NPComb18 months
Gumps holding WR... News at 5
user avatar
cajunmud18 months
He still got there early!
user avatar
how33318 months
It won't take long for the opposing defense to read that when it's a run play, Daniel's doesn't even look left or right to his receivers.
user avatar
TheRouxGuru18 months
What the frick are you babbling about???
user avatar
CatsGoneWild18 months
Is daniels aTm qb? Did you even read the story
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