I'm sure there were more than a few options to choose from when picking the photo for the front page of their sports section, but the Opelika-Auburn News decided to go with the moment Ole Miss WR Laquon Treadwell dislocated his left ankle and broke his left fibula with the headline “Finding A Way.” Come on now...
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11thACR116 months
You Always must remember this is AU....
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Pavoloco83116 months
It was the most important play of the game. It happened. Theres a picture. Big deal. You pussies would not want the zapruder film of the kennedy assassination to be shown, but it was critical history. Deal with it.
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19116 months
Welcome to my Auburn Family Homepage!
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weeble116 months
I've seen the non blacked out picture, and if you didn't know that Treadwell was hurt on that play, you would not have been able to tell from the picture. Probably not the brightest idea, but not the spawn of Satan.
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YouDontKnowBro116 months
At least the picture shows the horse collar above Laquon's left shoulder that led to the broken leg and fumble at the goal line. Still makes me sick.
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LSU 318 LSU116 months
ZERO class
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Rabern57116 months
That's what happen when you let a Bama fan run a newspaper.
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Sid in Lakeshore116 months
Excuses, excuses. That's just trashy. No way around it.
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Hester Carries116 months
Or they were showing a pic of the most important play of the game.
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weagle99116 months
Yeah, that paper is owned by Auburn University.

Stick to boobs Larry.
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Auburntiger116 months
TheBru.. the managing editor of the Auburn Opelika News is a graduate of the Univ. of Alabama

"The More You Know,,,,,,"
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theBru116 months
it's auburn...did you expect anything different?
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earl keese116 months
Of all the photos that could have been used, that really is disgraceful.
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Thracken13116 months
wow - as an Auburn fan that makes me sick - no reason for that.
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pellietigersaint116 months
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