SEC Basketball Analyst Barry Booker Says He Wants Too See 'Scantily Clad Girls' During Gymnastics Pr
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SEC Basketball Analyst Barry Booker said something extremely stupid during a gymnastics promo over the weekend while doing the Arkansas vs. Missouri game...

So SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey had to step in an issue this statement on Booker's comments...

Bonehead move on Booker.

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He’s a basketball analyst.
Reply11 hours
A lot of athletes, female and male, are “scantily clad” due to the nature of their sport. However, it’s creepy when a broadcaster makes note of that to his audience.
Reply10 days
It's creepy to tell the truth?
10 days
You can see their arse cheeks, so yeah, they’re definitely scantily clad.
Reply10 days
Hell, who doesn't want to watch scantily clad girls? I can't believe that Disney/ABC/ESPN/SECN had to release an apology. Oh, wait. Yes, I can.
Reply10 days
But the same family of networks is advertising one of their upcoming TV series that happens to be a Queeromantic comedy.
17 hours
everything larry posts on behalf of the rant is devoted to seeing scantily clad girls. Someone alert Sankey
Reply11 days
I's the only reason people watch the sport.
Reply11 days
Moral of the story is don't tell the truth.
Reply11 days
Where's the lie?
Reply11 days
I'm willing to bet atleast 5 of them virtuous women are Sugar Babies. He shouldn't have said that anyhow them girls worked hard to be where they at and athletically gifted.
Reply11 days
Well I mean, they are scantily clad. People get so butthurt.
Reply11 days
I'm sure it was slightly awkward for the other guy doing the broadcast with him. Unless the other guy chimed in and said, "Oh YEAH, SHWING!"
Reply11 days
What's wrong with that? Are they scantily clad? YES. Is that one of the positives about watching college gymnastics? YES. He's not wrong.
Reply11 days
Although true, you probably don't want your 50+ year-old broadcaster saying that. It shouldn't be that big of a deal though.
11 days
He's not wrong. He's also a fricking dumbass for saying it on live television.
11 days
Damn,wouldn't think he'd say something like that,he's been doing games since JP sports ,guess he doesn't GAF now
Reply11 days
He didn't lie....
Reply11 days
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