It's More Expensive To Attend Tenn Vs Vandy Baseball Series Than This Weekend's Final Four
© Adam Sparks / The Tennessean
How impressive is this little stat about this weekend. SEC baseball looking mighty strong...
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redfish9926 months
Not even close. There were empties everywhere last night.
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Hurricane Mike26 months
So many numbers to compare
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Oswald3126 months
Such a fricking lie lmao
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RD Dawg26 months
It's not impressive at all because it's bullshite."The highest-priced pair of prized near-courtside ducats for the two games at the 78,000-seat Superdome in New Orleans were going for $18,510 each on Wednesday on the mobile ticket marketplace app, Gametime. Such a liar Larry
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Sisselpud8126 months
Just another example that Tennessee can't handle success. They don't have enough post season experience to make the CWS so I'd assume this is their super bowl.
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TKLSUMD26 months
Who would want to go to all three games? The final four games are back to back.
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chalmetteowl26 months
Can it be the 90s again?
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BobABooey26 months
I call BS. Going to the Final Four could cost you your life. Your move, Tenn/Vandy.
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lsusteve126 months
Good for UTe Starving for a winner
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ellunchboxo26 months
People love the whistler.
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