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Notre Dame join a conference already

As far as destinations go, LSU is head and shoulders above South Bend, IN. You are losing by staying independent. Your brand is only a half-surviving brand because of football -- and not for any other sport. When the northern boomers kick off, no one will know anything about Notre Dame.

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They should join the Big 10. Would make the most sense

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They'd be in the playoff if they were in the ACC.

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Covid gave them the ideal opening, since they filled their 'dance card' with ACC teams. IMO, ND should not be included in the playoffs over other Power 5 teams which belong to conferences and have to play an extra game. Even Group of 6 Cincinnati has to play an extra game.

Texas thought they could go it alone for a while. Notre Dame still thinks it can. There is coffee waiting for them to wake up and smell.

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I am on the other end of this - - they have no real incentive to join a conference. They have a contract with NBC. They don't have to split money with anyone. They can play whoever they want. And they almost always get favorable ranking from the committee. Why would they mess that up and become a mid-conference team?

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Notre Dame join a conference already

They are a national brand.

They have pure scheduling flexibility.

They keep all revenue and have their own TV deals.

With inevitable expansion of the playoffs, it makes less sense to join a conference.

They are in a good position for football as an independent.

The BIG nor the ACC offer them really much of anything other than a hedge against down years to generate revenue.

But, as a private institution with wealthy Alumni base, they are not hurting for anything.

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Joining a conference would (or should) remove the lock they have with NBC who it seems is the NotreDame Broadcasting Cuck

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They have a contract with NBC. They don't have to split money with anyone.

Combine this with OP and thst is why they have a big decision to make soon.

If the new coach gets them relevant, then they stay independent.

But They need to go to a conference if they will keep the standards the way they are and participate in a conference championship game every blue moon.

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The committee should take SOS into account for everyone. Going undefeated or having one loss against a cushy schedule should not entitle any team to get into the playoff. That would be the argument against staying independent. And would be the argument for playing the toughest independent schedule possible every year.

Does anyone think that UTSA (which finally did lose a game last week to go 11-1) should be included in the playoff conversation? Even if they had gone 12-0? Forget political correctness. Nothing wrong with one or even two losses if the SOS is top-notch.

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