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America's Richest Families By State
Alabama: Rane Family
Estimated worth: $1 billion

When Jimmy Rane and his brother, Greg, took over their family’s yard treatment business in the 1970s, it was doing $22,000 a year in sales. Nowadays, Great Southern Wood Preserving generates $1 billion in annual revenue while featuring Jimmy in the company’s advertisements as the “Yella Fella.”

Jimmy has also funded hundreds of scholarships over the years and spent massive amounts to revitalize his hometown of Abbeville.

Mississippi: Duff Family
Estimated worth: $2.4 billion

Duff Capital Investors, which generates more than $2.6 billion in revenue every year, was founded by brothers James and Thomas Duff in 2007.

The company’s largest investment is Southern Tire Mart, which the siblings inherited from their father. Over the years, they’ve acquired a trucking company, construction firm and energy provider.

Louisiana: Benson Family
Estimated worth: $3 billion

The Benson family fortune derives from Tom Benson’s ownership of the Saints football team and Pelicans basketball team, both located in New Orleans.

Before he died in 2018, his third wife, Gayle Benson, inherited the family estate, which led to a lawsuit from Tom’s daughter and grandchildren over control of the assets. They reached a confidential settlement in 2017, and Gayle now owns both teams. Before their marriage, she was an interior designer.

South Carolina: Zucker Family
Estimated worth: $4 billion

Anita and Jerry Zucker built their family’s wealth through the chemical company, InterTech Group, which they founded in 1982. Anita serves as CEO, and Jerry passed away in 2008.

InterTech owns an aerospace engineering company and vast commercial real estate, and it’s annual revenue is pegged at $3 billion. The Zuckers are major donors to education and health causes.

Kentucky: Brown Family
Estimated worth: $12.3 billion

The Brown-Forman Corp. produces one of the most recognizable alcohol brands in the world: Jack Daniel’s whiskey. That alone would make the family billionaires, but they also produce popular brands Finlandia vodka and Herradura tequila.

George Garvin Brown founded the company in 1870, and the Browns still own some 51 percent of it, with George Garvin Brown IV serving a board chair.

Tennessee: Frist Family
Estimated worth: $12.5 billion

The Frists founded Hospital Corporation of America, which is the world’s largest operator of private healthcare facilities with 179 hospitals and 119 surgical centers throughout the U.S. and London.

The family is also known for its philanthropic efforts, and one member, Bill Frist, was a senator and senate majority leader from 2003-07.

Missouri: Busch Family
Estimated worth: $13.4 billion

Budweiser was able to survive Prohibition to become the largest beer brand in the U.S., but it couldn’t fend off InBev’s takeover of Anheuser-Busch in 2008. August Busch IV was CEO at the time of the sale, and the issue was that the family had sold an estimated 25 percent stake in the business over two decades and thus didn’t have the power to stop the $52 billion buyout.

Since the sale, family members have returned to the brewing world with much smaller brands such as William K. Busch Brewing that was founded in 2011.

Florida: Peterffy Family
Estimated worth: $25.7 billion

Thomas Peterffy, who was born in a war-ravaged Hungary in 1944 and immigrated to the U.S. in the 1960s, is a key figure in the development of electronic securities trading and one of the first people to buy a seat on the American Stock Exchange.

The family is known for its conservative politics and charitable work.

Texas: Duncan Family
Estimated worth: $26 billion

Dan Duncan grew up poor in rural Texas, but his four children are now extraordinarily wealthy thanks to their father’s oil and gas holdings. Duncan founded Enterprise Products in 1968. By 2010, the year he died, the company had $34 billion in annual revenue.

The four kids inherited a $10 billion estate and have more than doubled it since 2010.

Georgia: Cox Family
Estimated worth: $33.6 billion

Cox Enterprises was started in 1898 by James Cox in Dayton, Ohio, and today is a major global media conglomerate with popular brands such as AutoTrader, Kelley Blue Book, Cox Homelife and Gamut. It also owns newspapers and radio and TV properties.

Alexander C. Taylor, a fourth-generation family member, now runs the company, which is privately held and 99 percent owned by the Coxes.

Arkansas: Walton Family
Estimated worth: $163 billion

There’s no family in the U.S. with more personal wealth than the Waltons, whose patriarch founded Walmart. The company’s 12,000 stores across the world generate $500 billion in annual revenue, which is the most of any major retailer in the world.

Today, nearly 50 percent of the company is controlled by the children of Sam and James Walton, the brothers who started the chain in 1962.

America's richest families by state

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re: America's Richest Families By State
Jack Daniels Tennessee whiskey, owned by Kentuckians.

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re: America's Richest Families By State
Waltons have so much money, it's pretty unreal.

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re: America's Richest Families By State
Lists like this only exist to make people jealous and angry.

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re: America's Richest Families By State

Waltons have so much money, it's pretty unreal.

Yeah. Lately they throw $20 million here and there at big projects like it's nothing. Because to them, it is....

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re: America's Richest Families By State
MVPs of list are Duncan’s, they’ve doubled their value in 10 years which is pretty insane

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re: America's Richest Families By State

Yeah. Lately they throw $20 million here and there at big projects like it's nothing. Because to them, it is....

QFT. The Waltons have so much money its just about impossible to really grasp it in your head.

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re: America's Richest Families By State

Waltons have so much money, it's pretty unreal.

They brought China to the US, but nobody bitches.

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re: America's Richest Families By State
They love them some bike trails.

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