Ole Miss coach Mike Bianco will think twice about pitching next time the team wants to have a home run derby...
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Ole Miss Football Players Attempt HR Derby and Almost Kill Coach With Line Drive to the Throat
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soccerfüt18 months
“Think Twice” -Something Larry Leo has never nearly done.
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Victorio18 months
This the kid on the football team that won a National Championship ring on the baseball team.... lol.
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Hangit18 months
Young baw's name is Tywone. His mama could have given somebody a few dollars to tell her the proper spelling.
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Ghost of Colby18 months
That’s it. Lane’s had enough of Oxford. He’s taking another job before he gets killed.
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Trumansfangs18 months
Oh the drama !
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bigtiger44018 months
He is playing dead so he can get fitted for that pine box.
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Giantkiller18 months
lol at Ole Miss. First Tubs. Now Lane.
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Shamoan18 months
i remember the time i was almost killed by a tennis ball...oh wait.
user avatar
Northshoretiger8718 months
“almost kill,” with rubber balls?

Larry, you’re killing us.
user avatar
LSU_Legz18 months
Something hit hard enough, especially to your neck can absolutely do some serious damage.
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