On Monday night, Jon Sokoloff of WCBI News reported that Lane Kiffin plans to leave Ole Miss to fill Auburn's head-coaching vacancy. In response, Kiffin trolled Sokoloff on Twitter...
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Nix to Twillie15 months
He gone.
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StupidBinder15 months
Gotta admit, this is some good material from Freshwater
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BLG15 months
ha good one
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coasttrash18715 months
Hugh Keaton's(the lead anchor at WLOX) response was great
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TigerFan24415 months
I just recently posted a thread on Lane’s slightly better than average record and not understanding why he’s always one of the first names that comes up when there’s a likely opening. But I’ll give him this…he is entertaining and he is right here. In this age of clicks and likes, journalistic integrity has gone out the window and that reporter deserves all the shite thats coming to him.
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HC8715 months
His luxury tax comment about TAM last recruiting cycle was PRICELESS!
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RazzleDazzle15 months
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