Gracie Hunt "graced " the cover of Maxim earlier this year. Now, the daughter of Kansas City Chiefs owner Clark Hunt, is letting all the ladies know how they can do it too...

Applications for the Maxim Cover Girl competition are officially open! Here’s what you need to know:

- The winner will receive $25,000 cash.
- The winner will be flown to Italy for the cover shoot.

- The winner will not be determined ONLY through voting— the top 10 contestants with the most votes will appear before a panel of judges, who will ultimately select the winner.

- All top 10 contestants will be featured in a print issue of Maxim and invited to New York for an exclusive Maxim photo shoot.

- @maximmag has partnered with Orbiiit, the world’s leading contest platform, to make sure voting is secure and fair.

- You can apply now at
- Be sure to follow @orbiiitapp and @maximcovergirl23 for important competition updates.

Good luck!

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user avatar
jatilen3 months
Today I learned Maxim is still around
user avatar
ChoadieMcSmalls3 months
who is this? she a cleat chaser?
user avatar
panzer3 months
Look at me...Look at me....Look at me....PLEASE...LOOK AT ME!!!!
user avatar
6R123 months
and you did. LOL
user avatar
jdd483 months
Hardest working woman on the planet.
user avatar
cajunmud3 months
Alright...y'all get ya girlfriends/wives signed up!
user avatar
Ghost of Colby3 months
My wife is fat, and my girlfriend is fatter. No one wants to see them half naked except for me.
user avatar
Timeoday3 months
She does look good on her knees in black!!
user avatar
Godfather13 months
How to compete for Maxim cover girl according to Gracie Hunt: have Daddy pay each of the editors $100k apiece.
user avatar
olgoi khorkhoi3 months
How one competes for covergirl differs on a case-by-case basis. For this girl it means submitting pics wearing a bag on her head. That might not work for someone else with a normal face.
user avatar
goddamn you, Larry. nobody—and I mean nobody—cares about this girl.
user avatar
TheWalrus3 months
Her publicist who pays for these posts does
user avatar
Black Stripes3 months
I do, i find her very attractive.
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