There was a rather awkward moment on ESPN Chicago this weekend when reporter Courtney Cronin rather angrily exited a call with the station's radio program. Language NSFW...
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cajunmud2 months
That time of the month?
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bobbydigital2 months
File this under the non-story of the day. Who gives a lick
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Longhorn Actual2 months
We didn't get to hear a woman talking about sports. Oh no.
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BowDownToLSU2 months
Should be fired
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CanebreakCajun2 months
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ctiger692 months
Women she not be covering men’s sports
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TigerinKorea2 months
I agree. It's annoying.
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ChatGPT of LA2 months
And ESPN can't figure out why they are bleeding customers by the minute.
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gamecockman122 months
Dumb broad.
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Lieutenant Dan2 months
The reverb stopped just before she dipped.
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Rex Feral2 months
Maybe she had a samich to make for a man?
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prplhze20002 months
She's actually a pretty good reporter. Worked at the Clarion-Ledger and did a great job covering local sports.
user avatar
JackieTreehorn2 months
Clarion Ledger? Then she definitely is shite.
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soccerfüt2 months

Larry’s work here deserves a “frick this” on the reg.
user avatar
Drizzt2 months
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