Miami Dolphins star Jaelan Phillips discovered a large iguana had somehow invaded his toilet this week...
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Che Boludo25 days
That's a baby.

But, those MFers are worse than squirrels in your attic
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CajunBullet25 days
Maybe it's a turd with a head and legs?? LMAO
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bigDgator25 days
Massive lol

That looks like the Geico Gecko
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6R1225 days
Massive you say. They must not have seen a MASSIVE one yet.
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real turf fan25 days
Not that big, most Appalachian Mountain amphibians are that large.
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Bayoubred26 days
He'll never sit on that toilet in peace again....
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Clark1426 days
My 11 year old grandson can out massive that. More frightening too…
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SwampyWaters26 days
What's that old saying, "look before you leap"?
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LSU82BILL26 days
That's not massive. I have 4 and 5-footers in my yard every day this time of year waiting for mangoes to fall off the trees. They are harmless chickenshits too.
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TheWalrus26 days
There’s usually something massive in my toilet
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crimsonsaint26 days
Massive compared to a lizard maybe. Tiny compared to adult iguanas.
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Thracken1326 days
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On an unrelated note, how awesome are the Miami Dolphins old uniforms?
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Shaq4prez26 days
Iguanas can grow up to 6 feet. This is a baby. Another awful headline. at least you are consistent
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