How can you not love Jameis Winston...
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cajunmud2 months
I streamed a bunch of the parades yesterday and she is pretty cool, 1st time I ever saw her.
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Corso2 months
Jameis has never been a bad guy, he's just always been really weird and cringe at times
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bigDgator2 months
I never liked him, but maybe he has grown up. If so, good on him.
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Black n Gold2 months
Margaret Orr wanted to catch whatever Jameis was going to throw her.
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jatilen2 months
BBC remains undefeated
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BlackPot2 months
Seems like he's honestly a great add to a team. Sure, not the best in the world, but seems like a great dude.
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BabyTac2 months
No need for a coach with him on the team. Modern day Moxon.
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cwil1772 months
I got to know him a little through my work and he always was super kind, knew everyone’s names. Definitely left a good impression.
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Luckydog2 months
He was a kid. Nice to see him mature and be decent human. Hope he stays in NOLA
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PetroBabich2 months
We supposed to like Jameis now?
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The Torch2 months
That kid loves crab legs
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MorningWood2 months
Plenty of crab legs in NOLA
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TheRouxGuru2 months
Your mom got crabs in Nola
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