Zion Williamson’s Sneaker Deal Could Be Worth...
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Soon-to-be number one overall pick, Duke's Zion Williamson, hasn't signed a shoe deal just yet. But when he does, it will be for more than what your usual star rookie gets. Per to sneaker analyst Matt Powell of NPD Group in an interview with Yahoo! Finance...

“My gut is that he’s ultimately going to sign with whoever pays him the most money,” Powell said on the Yahoo Finance Sportsbook podcast. “And there’s obviously real logic in doing that.”

“I do think this will be a larger-than-normal contract,” says Powell. “I think because of Williamson’s talent, he’s going to bring in much more than the $1 million or $2 million that most rookies get. But at the end of the day, I don’t think he will earn out what anyone pays him.”
Does he go Nike? Teva? Doc Martens?

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Your father, Larry. Think about your father.
Reply24 days
“My gut is he’s going to sign with whoever gives him the most money”. Damn that’s brilliant insight and journalism.
Reply24 days
Hope it ain't Nike. Those America hating liberals
Reply24 days
frick you larry
Reply24 days
Man that guys going out on a limb. Zion is gonna sign with whoever gives him the most money and he’s gonna get more than regular rookie? Now way!!! You should slap a clickbait title on this and get some hits Larry... oh wait.
Reply24 days
Why do we have click bait headlines? This furthers my theory that Larry= oweo= gcs
Reply24 days
As much as Chicken fusses about thread titles, he sure as hell let's Larry shite all over his home page day after day with incoherent gibberish.
24 days
Terribly authored headline....again. Need to up your game dood.
Reply24 days
Larry. You just don’t get it, do you.(?)
Reply24 days
So, you led with a headliner that implied you would reveal the value of his inevitable shoe deal. You then proceeded to quote an article that does not reveal the value of his inevitable shoe deal. You are killing your father.
Reply24 days
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