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In a recent interview reflecting on his 4-8 debut, first-year Colorado head coach Deion Sanders said he wishes he had "more privacy" as he navigated the highs and lows of building the Buffaloes into a contender...

"You always wish that you had a little more privacy," Sanders told "But the same thing that makes you shine will show your blemishes. So, you've got to take the good with the bad. You can't just want everyone there when the hype machine is rolling, you have to understand there's another side to this."

"It was a whirlwind early on, then it calmed down to a halt," Sanders said. "It was tough because I've never lost pretty much in life, and in the last several years of my life, 10 years, decade, I'm a darn winner, so dealing with losses was tough."

Still though, Deion is appreciative of the ride. Concluding, "No, we didn't win as many games as we desired, but if there are no valleys, we wouldn't enjoy the peaks."
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bigDgator3 months
Only pay attention to me when I tell you to do so.
user avatar
SmelvinRat3 months
Meion wants privacy?
user avatar
6R123 months
LOL privacy he wanted??????????????????
user avatar
Gus Tinsley3 months
You gotta be kidding!! Take off the gold chain, sun glasses...quit making Aflac commercials and shut your big mouth!!!!
user avatar
LSUvet723 months
It’s simple if he wants privacy just let him shut his MOUTH !
user avatar
dbeck3 months
What an attention whore.
user avatar
kywildcatfanone3 months
He should go on a privacy tour
user avatar
Dcurry803 months
Then shut your mouth and quit seeking the spotlight.
user avatar
atltiger64873 months
this reminds me of a situation 10+ years ago where an ordinary woman was getting tons of national press over some issue. She want on a national show and said she didn't want the notoriety and just wanted to be invisible again. And she said this ON A NATIONAL TV SHOW.
user avatar
Westbank1113 months
Equivalent to a person only being sorry when you get caught. He wouldn’t be coming up with this sorry excuse had they lived up to the hype, he would be showboating even more so. He’s the one that brings the circus and media, don’t feel 1% of sorry for him. Humble Pie for that guy with more to come.
user avatar
cajunmud3 months
Now that's ripe.
user avatar
CanebreakCajun3 months
The man who always wants to be spotlight, posts every team detail and does every interview, wants his privacy.
user avatar
Nomadic Bengal3 months
What an absolute dickhead. The definition of a frontrunner.
Run tell everyone how great you are when you're up, but when your failures are exposed, you want privacy.
frick off.
user avatar
WhiteMandingo3 months
The guy who has a camera follow him everywhere except to take a shite needs privacy????
You exploit your self and now cry victim
user avatar
Shaq4prez3 months
he was in control of most of the attention CU received. Dont let rappers walk your team out of the tunnel. Dont allow them and other hollywood personalities roam your sideline. limit media availability. he has that control
user avatar
Timeoday3 months
C'mon Select. You know you are in over your head without a media pushing you as Prime.
user avatar
RealityWinsOut3 months
Reading the link title just made me laugh. Let's see if a major face plant will make him stronger.

I'm actually happier that his sons flopped than him. They were tools when winning.
user avatar
Hangit3 months
Living your life on ESPN and Twitter is not a cry for privacy. If he wants privacy, he should STFU and disappear.
user avatar
SPEEDY3 months
This motherfricker here
user avatar
Rex Feral3 months
Bringing attention to yourself and then wanting more privacy? Hmm... I wonder how he could accomplish that.
user avatar
blacroix3 months
Typical celebrity trope. Look at me until I'm not happy then give me my privacy.
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