Michael Jordan Taunts Professional Golfers Mid-Round After Bad Drives By Saying This...
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As "The Last Dance" showed us, Michael Jordan likes to run his mouth while competing in anything. Golf is no exception...

Bozzelli has played over the past few years, by his estimation, about 100 rounds of golf with the greatest basketball player in history, and he has routinely been heckled and chided by the ultra-competitive Jordan.

“Just like you saw in the documentary, he has ways where he’s trying to make you better,” Bozzelli said.

“He’ll start jabbing at me early,” Bozzelli continued. “If I hit a bad drive he’ll say something like, ‘That’s why you’re not playing the major this week.’ Or stuff like that. He keeps ribbing me. You either sink or swim there; he makes you do something about it, makes you dig your heels in. If that’s going to rattle you then you shouldn’t be playing pro sports anyway, but that’s just his way of telling you how to go after your weaknesses. You’re either going to keep hearing it from him or you do something about it. It’s fun.

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I get the impression that MJ is out there supplementing the income of a lot of fringe professional golfers.
Reply24 days
He almost always loses money but for him it's about the need to compete for something meaningful. It's pocket change for MJ but meaningful for the other guy is what makes it fun for him.
23 days
“That’s why you’re not playing the major this week.” Uhh...neither is he. Seems like an easy comeback.
Reply24 days
PGA hustlers ain't gonna tap the glass on their off-week fish.
Reply24 days
Reply24 days
The GOAT trash talker since Ali!!!
Reply24 days
And backed it up. He talks it and walks it. That is said for few.
24 days
You mess up your tee shot in our games you walk to the women's tees with your pants to your ankles.
Reply24 days
Sounds like a regular game i play in. whats the big deal.
Reply24 days
Really, you regularly play with PGA tour guys? Legit my man!!!
24 days
And throw down the kind of money MJ likes to gamble on the golf course? Seriously legit!!!
24 days
First off yes I have played with a number of tour guys. Second the article is about Jordan talking shite while playing golf.
24 days
I hope he didn’t hurt PaIGe’s feelings.
Reply24 days
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