Kicks & Punches Were Flying In The Upper Deck During The Spurs Vs. Rockets Game
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You'd think it's harder to get into a fight in the stands with less fans and all the social distant seats, but nah, these Spurs and Rockets fans still found a way to kick the crap out of each other...

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Dude is white has muffins for hands
Reply2 months
props to the guy in the letterman jacket
Reply2 months
Has that ever been said in the history of life? You may be the first.
2 months
Who cares about the fighting...they're not social distancing they want people to DIE!!!!
Reply2 months
Guy in white’s looks like a big dude but grey shirt took a few shots to the jaw and shrugged it off.
Reply2 months
grey shirt guy took those blows to the jaw like they was nothin.
2 months
Houston, we have a problem ...
Reply2 months
classy. Glad to see security was right there on top of it. Oh wait...
Reply2 months
Vest guy got himself a few cheap shots before redirecting to grey shirt guy. Kid in the grey acting hard but wants no part of a physical altercation and has no concept of how to defend himself.
Reply2 months
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