Kawhi Leonard Gives Reporter Amazing Answer When Asked 'Where do you go from here?'
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Toronto got beauty yet again but the Milwaukee Bucks on Friday night. After the game, Raptors star Kawhi Leonard was asked a simple question by this reporter and got an even simpler answer...

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I'm sure the grammar and spelling mistakes are on purpose just to get comments but for the casual passerby to the site, what kind of message are you sending about your website Chicken?
Reply14 months
Do you get paid according to job performance? If so, condolences on the poverty.
Reply14 months
You had three mistakes in two sentences. How fricking hard is it to proofread two sentences?
Reply14 months
That paragraph has to be your worst yet!!! And that’s saying a lot!!
Reply14 months
Proofread your shite baw
Reply14 months
“Toronto got beauty yet again but the Milwaukee Bucks on Friday night.” Wat? Also that reply was p lame tbh
Reply14 months
It took me about 3 tries to figure out that first sentence.
Reply14 months
3 typos Larry. 3.
Reply14 months
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