A couple cruising in a golf cart was nearly bitten by an angry alligator earlier this month in Ave Maria, Florida, about 35 miles northeast of Naples...
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(TMZ Sports)
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CrystalPreserves2 months
One, two, tree fo five, dem flawda gatas don’t take no jive! Go Gata!
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PureBlood2 months
Da Flarda gata don play arount
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Jabontik2 months
Good thing they didn't flip into his pond
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ALhunter2 months
Gator wanted em off his lawn!
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I’ll never forget a visit to Palmetto Bluff resort in SC. These idiots over there said you can kayak past the gators not a problem and they are tame. Staff telling people this. Being from LA I told them that’s some BS…read in the news months later some lady that lived on resort grounds got eaten by one right around there.
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jbird72 months
More like that gator was caught off guard trying to get back to the water. Having said that, mating season is upon us. And those frickers get feisty.
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Lucky Loper2 months
He might have been trying to get back to the water but clearly speeds up to cross when he saw the golf cart. Not to mention the chomp he took at them.
That dude driving s*%# his pants.
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Warwick2 months
like a squirrel in the road, full on panic
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GeauxTigers01072 months
All I see is sauce piquant
user avatar
cajunmud2 months
...and a nice pair of boots.
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kywildcatfanone2 months
Did they go in the pond? I hope so.
user avatar
Koach K2 months
The gator is just trying to get back to the piss ditch in that abomination of a housing development.
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