Sports Writer Calls Georgia The Most Overrated College Football Program In The Country
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Orlando Sentinel‘s Mike Bianchi isn't afraid to call Georgia fans out on being overly enthused about their team. His whole column is here, but here was a glimpse of him ripping into the Bulldogs...

Georgia fans have way too high of an opinion of their program. The Bulldogs have won one national title in the modern era and that came nearly 40 years ago in 1980. And the only reason it happened then is because of two lightning-in-a-bottle twists of fate: The Bulldogs were fortunate enough to sign arguably the greatest player in college football history (see Herschel Walker) and they were lucky enough to take advantage of one of the biggest fluke plays in college football history (see Lindsay Scott’s catch-and-run against Florida during the national-championship season).
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Overrated? There are a grand total of TWO programs better than Georgia right now and over the last three years..
Reply11 days
Georgia is not the most overrated. That honor goes to Notre Dame on an annual basis, followed by Texas.
Reply12 days
I assume he means other than Notre Dame because we all know that’s a given.
8 days
They aren't the most overrated but they are the most under achieving. That's probably changing now though under Kirby.
Reply12 days
Norte Dame and Texas and Georgia are the 3 most over rated programs year in and year out
Reply12 days
Frick Georgia!
Reply12 days
Still living off a natty that's approaching 40 years old...
Reply13 days
He's right you know. 14,007
Reply13 days
And in the 1981 Sugar Bowl, Notre Dame dominated the game, outgaining UGA 328-127. All of UGA's 17 points were gifted to them: a blocked punt, a ND turnover inside their own 5, and another inside the ND 25. Georgia was lucky as hell to win that game.
Reply13 days
Well he's sorta correct.
Reply13 days
As someone who lives in Georgia, most Georgia fans are far from arrogant. Most are still recovering from the Richt era where the were unable to win any game that meant anything. You want arrogance its Florida and Bama fans.
Reply13 days
I enjoy going to away games in Athens. Georgia fans are pretty nice. Gainesville and Tuscaloosa not so much. In fact, unless I'm in a suite I don't go to those Stadiums. Most other SEC away games are good.
12 days
a fat, bald, Italian from Floriduh. Yeah, lots of college football credibility there. He's just Mullet's mouthpiece.
Reply13 days
A fat, bald Italian is still better looking than your ugly arse bitch.
13 days
Don’t bring Mario into this mess
12 days
I don’t have time to hate Georgia. My hate is heavily concentrated on Bama, aTm and Florida
Reply13 days
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