ESPN's David Pollack Goes In Hard On Georgia's Football Program
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ESPN analyst David Pollack went in on his alma mater, Georgia, on Monday's edition of the CFP Podcast with Herbie, Pollack & Negandhi...

“If I’m going to run the ball and throw screens, why not let D’Wan Mathis do that,” Pollack said. “He’s 6-foot-5, 200 pounds and a freak of an athlete. He’ll open up the running game, he’ll open up the boot game, and he can throw screens. It’s interesting that they’re not finding their pulse.”

“Here’s one more thing to everyone out there: Georgia has been a quarterback away for four years. An awesome, first-round type quarterback away. A Justin Fields away from winning a national title. Someone like that would be the difference in Georgia winning a championship, and if you’re following what I’m saying, you should know what I’m saying. They had Justin Fields on their roster for God’s sake.”
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While I don't disagree with him he makes it sounds like that these types of QB's just grow on trees. Yes, Georgia had Justin Fields and now they don't but an elite QB can make a bad team look good and a good team be great. Just look at Lamar Jackson at Louisville, Manziel at Texas AM, Cam Newton at Auburn etc. They can also make mediocre coaches look like geniuses. Everyone is looking for that next great talent but they aren't easy to get. It also goes beyond just talent as that will only get you so far coaching, game plan, drive to succeed and not just rely on talent by the player etc. Not taking up for Kirby here as though it might sound that way but it is not so simple to just go out and get some next level QB and win.
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Kirb wants a game manager. He idolized Les Miles ball control offenses!
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I agree with Pollack but he is missing some significant insight. Mathis is recovering from brain surgery and after he got his bell rung in the first game of the season vs Arkansas, you could tell he was not the same player who started the game for us. He obviously had a wakeup call that life after brain surgery is serious business and frankly, I can't say that I blame him.
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Coates Hall went in hard on Ole Dave.
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He’s bitter because he wanted Jesse Palmer’s Food Network gig.
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Fields only left bc of racism, so I suppose this is a referendum on UGA Football's blatant racist behavior.
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What a load of horse shite. We typically have more black than white players so I guess all of them have been victims of racism including Herschel Walker over the last 40 years. LOL
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@GurleyGirl ... Just having lots of black athletes at your school doesn't mean they're all victims of racism or that racism doesn't exist. What happened with Fields was well-documented and blatant. The white baseball player involved even lost his scholarship, if I'm not mistaken. Racism against Justin Fields doesn't mean every other player on the team faced the same thing or that none of them faced it. I hope you can see the distinction.
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@SeanLSU And I hope you can see that one idiot shouting out a racial slur and being shouted down by the people around him does not define a racist environment at our institution of learning. And I'm fairly confident that UGA hasn't corned the market on idiots. :)
6 months
1980 and all that.
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