Former NFL QB and Florida Gator, Tim Tebow, was on Capitol Hill fighting for victims of child sex abuse on Wednesday and delivered one heck of a speech...
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Shaq4prez2 months
Ultimate role model
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oleheat2 months
Here is a man who really is a role model. He's making a difference.
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TerryDawg032 months
As a lifelong Bulldog, even when he played for the Gators I couldn't hate on him. He's a leader. Good on him.
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BestBanker2 months
We should all be more vigilant in our lives, caring and doing for those who can't. Watching that one congressman act like he could not care less...Tim Tebow is true.
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BabyTac2 months
I’d much rather vote for Tebow for president over the two lifelong privileged and loser goons we have to choose from.
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lsusa2 months
I might be able list 100,000 reasons why he shouldn’t be…

But I can 100% cite two reasons why he should (as in who he’s not!)
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Timeoday2 months
Yep, I have always felt Mr. Tebow has a much higher calling. He is a pure, natural born leader of men and women.
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Monroelegend2 months
Definition of a true champion.
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socal772 months
Tebow is the real deal. Much respect for him.
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Nole Man2 months
Powerful words. One of the good ones out there. The man is transcending sports into a public figure. Tebow in 2028. Have to do something about those hair cuts though.
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