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Florida freshman wide receivers Tyrie Cleveland and Rick Wells were arrested Sunday after being accused of firing BB guns at Keys Residential housing on the UF campus and causing more than $1,000 in property damage, according to the Orlando Sentinel:

Cleveland and Wells, both 18, were charged with criminal mischief for damaging property of more than $1,000 - a third-degree felony - and shooting a missile inside an occupied dwelling - a second-degree felony.

A UF Police Department report said an officer was sent to Keys Residential at 11:30 p.m. Friday and observed three windows had been shattered and had a small, round hole in each. A review of video surveillance revealed two males shooting at someone at around 6:45 p.m.
The officers were able to identify Cleveland and Wells with their ID cards.
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TBoy95 months
It's like a gateway crime. One day you are shooting BB guns at dorm windows, the next you are firing grenade launchers at a retirement home. (Right?)
user avatar
MeatCleaverWeaver95 months
Hopefully they can make restitution and get it knocked down to a misdemeanor. This sounds like 18 year old boys being boys IMO. Dumb? Yes. Felonious? No.
user avatar
JakeFromStateFarm95 months
Wow. Dumb mistake by these two. Hopefully they get it together and learn from this.
user avatar
TimeOutdoors95 months
BB Guns today aren't what they were when you were growing up. It absolutely should be a felony.
user avatar
lsutigermall95 months
Shooting a window with a bb gun? That's a felony? Dang, I should be in the slammer. Ridiculous, and those kids made a stupid mistake.
user avatar
jcolding4195 months
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