Here's Robert Griffin III’s Pitch For Tim Tebow As Florida's Next head Coach
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On Friday afternoon, former college football star Robert Griffin III suggested Florida hires Tim Tebow as their next head coach...
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tigersauce8529 months
please Florida do this
user avatar
KennabraTiger29 months
RG3 is a goddamn idiot
user avatar
bigDgator29 months
Journalists and pseudo-journalists will say anything for attention.
user avatar
blueboxer111929 months
All the negative comments are probably the same people saying "Why would the Cards hire Kingsburry? He'll never be successful." Game is different now. RG3 is saying for Tebow to do what Orgeron did. I think its a great idea. College football is about recruiting. Ask Saban and Kirby.
user avatar
TFH29 months
As someone who does not like Florida, I agree, hire Tebow
user avatar
3down1029 months
Some people are determined to make other people hate Tebow. lol
user avatar
Old Money29 months
I love when athletes think just being a good player = good coach.
user avatar
umrebel200929 months
He has no coaching experience so make him the head coach of a major college program? It would make more sense to try to bring him on as some form of recruiter
user avatar
Shooter29 months
RG3's brain is about as weak as his knees.
user avatar
JustinT3729 months
“This is unbelievably believable.” - RG3
user avatar
Cajunboy4629 months
Stupid is as stupid does lol go for it
user avatar
JakeFromStateFarm29 months
Do it, Florida. Commit program suicide by hiring Tebow as your HC
user avatar
BowlJackson29 months
Tim Tebow is like a make-a-wish kid with all these opportunities people just try to hand him
user avatar
ExpoTiger29 months
Yes. As an LSU fan I support this idea %1000
user avatar
jgoodw31829 months
Dumb idea is dumb
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