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Florida and Arizona both announced Tuesday that they will play each other in a home-and-home series in 2028 and 2031. Per

The first matchup will be at Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe, Ariz., and the return trip will be in Gainesville three years later. These two schools have yet to meet on the gridiron.

Florida recently added home-and-home series with Colorado, Miami, Texas, and Utah, in addition to extending its contract with Florida State as well.

Future Power Five Non-Conference Opponents (by year)
2019: Florida State
2020: at Florida State
2021: Florida State
2022: Utah, at Florida State
2023: at Utah
2024: Miami
2025: at Miami
2028: Colorado, at Arizona State
2029: at Colorado
2030: Texas
2031: at Texas, Arizona State
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user avatar
TigerWerm52 months
Colorado would be a nice place to visit for a game, especially in Sept/Oct
user avatar
Rex Feral52 months
It is, except when you loose.
user avatar
CFFreak52 months
No SEC team likes to come up here and play. High elevation. Sucking wind.
user avatar
JPinLondon52 months
Arizona or Arizona State? Who checks your work?
user avatar
brewdrees52 months
Will the world still exist by then???
user avatar
bigman33452 months
a whole bunch of arse teams
user avatar
mikedatyger52 months
So, in other words, ZERO P5 opponents through 2021? FSU is a "regular" opponent that doesn't even require leaving the state. They are 3 hours from each other. Gayturds
user avatar
RedFoxx52 months
My 6 year old nephew is looking forward to playing in that game.
user avatar
LSUNV52 months
Finally going outside the state of Florida! Tip of the hat
user avatar
ChunkyLover5452 months
My boy could be a freshman at CU that year. Good god
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