Razorback Foundation Claims Belichick Schemed To Defraud Them By Under-Paying Bielema
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Bret Bielema is being countersued by the Arkansas booster's club, the Razorback Foundation, claiming Bill Belichick's agent kept salary low when he was hired with the Patriots. Per Sportico...

The foundation on Thursday countersued Bielema for fraud and added his agent, Neil Cornrich, as a defendant.

Cornrich also represents New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick—a central figure in the foundation’s theory of liability—as well as other prominent coaches in the NFL and college football.

Sportico has obtained the foundation’s countersuit, which was filed in an Arkansas federal court and responds to Bielema’s $7 million lawsuit.

The foundation insists that “Cornrich used his connection with Bill Belichick and the Patriots to negotiate a [low] salary for Bielema.” This move, the Foundation maintains, “benefitted the Patriots, and, by extension, [Cornrich’s] other client, Bill Belichick, to the detriment of the Foundation.”

The foundation’s theory relates to the buyout agreement it signed after Bielema’s firing in 2017. Per the agreement, the foundation pledged to pay Bielema $12 million over the course of several years. However, due to a mitigation clause, Bielema … had to use “best efforts” to land another job and to then negotiate a maximum salary for that new job. … Income earned by Bielema in a new job would offset the amount owed by the foundation. …

The foundation asserts that Cornrich conspired with Bielema to orchestrate a “scheme” that worked to the Patriots’ advantage. As the Foundation sees it, the Patriots hired Bielema for a salary “that was purposefully less than the trigger amount” for the offset.

In 2018, the Patriots hired Bielema first as a draft consultant for $25,000 and then as special assistant to Belichick, a position for which he earned $100,000. A year later the Patriots promoted Bielema to assistant coach and paid him an annual salary of $250,000. These salary figures, the foundation maintains, were below market.
But seriously, why would Belichick or the Patriots even do this...

First, it’s unclear why Belichick and the Patriots would participate in a supposed scheme over what are comparatively small dollars. The Patriots are worth $4.97 billion and are owned by Robert Kraft, whose net worth is estimated at $6.6 billion. It seems unlikely that Bielema’s salary as a low-level coach would have meaningfully impacted the team–or, arguably, that the team would go to the trouble of manipulating Bielema’s pay so that the foundation would owe slightly more money. …

[A]s noted in previous court filings, Bielema pursued other–and higher-paying–coaching positions but struck out each time. If Cornrich, Bielema and Belichick had conspired along the lines suggested by the foundation, it wouldn’t have made much sense for Bielema to actively pursue those jobs.
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Bielema actually settled for a payout less than what was actually owed him. It sure would be great to see if Arkansas loses this and Bielema forces them to pay the original amount owed.
Reply14 days
frick that guy, frick the less than worthless AD who hired him, and frick you.
13 days
This fat worthless piece of shite needs to DIAF. Along w/ Kraft.
Reply14 days
Pics of Bert’s wife?
Reply14 days
Just pay him. It’s hurting your reputation with future head coaches.
Reply14 days
Thank God Arkansas has a memorandum of understanding with Lane Kiffin
Reply14 days
Nah, Arkansas just overpaid him.
Reply15 days
Arkansas should honor the contract’s obligation. You can’t trust a pig!
Reply15 days
You’re hurting your mom’s feelings
15 days
Arky just digging a bigger hole, that program is in total disarray.
Reply15 days
Maybe they could give him his money, then hire him as AD. Nobody else in the state seems to be able to hire a good coach for the piggies.
Reply15 days
Arkansas boosters are clowns. I wonder if Jerry Jones has his fingerprints on this.
Reply15 days
Appears the golden parachute has a rip in it.
Reply15 days
Arky honestly needs to pay what they owe him; it's pretty BS.
Reply15 days
OK We'll pay his market price. NFL Patriot dollars. Sound fair?
15 days
Fat Bert won’t go away
Reply15 days
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