Alabama head coach Nick Saban Thinks Clemson Should Be Favored To Win It All
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While on ESPN Tuesday morning, Alabama head coach talked about his team being favored by the oddsmakers to win it all this upcoming season. If it were up to him he'd pick Clemson over his Crimson Tide because of Deshaun Watson...
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As you know Saban hates expectations and this is him lowering everyone's.
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SabiDojo95 months
lol Clemson won't even win their conference.
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TouchdownTony95 months
Bama is the team to beat but he is right, clemson should be right there. Surprised they aren't getting much pub. Plus nick usually knows what he's talking about. Wouldn't be surprised at all if Bama and Clemson play for it again.
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Moustache95 months
The sucking off of Clemson by Bammers is hilarious.
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WPsportsman95 months
But he can't punish his own players for being arested with weed and a gun. Because he thinks they may have been Lsu fans! Wtf
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MykTide95 months
He has/is punishing them. Just because it's not the punishment you want doesn't mean it's not punishment.
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PeteRose95 months
I wonder if he used a lot of hand gestures when saying this. If he did, it wasn't geniune.
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The Torch95 months
Why is he orange ?
user avatar
hogNsinceReagan95 months
Brah, he's an umpa lumpa. Your gonna have the sjw's on you, brah.
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DoubleDown95 months
Good lord. He gave another player and team props and still you people bitch at him.
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tigahland95 months
good lord, change your pad; this is what we do with Saban
user avatar
CAD703X95 months
" He gave another player and team props" EL OH EL
user avatar
Black n Gold95 months
Picking the team you beat for the championship last year. Might as well pick yourself you dick.
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