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Dan Wolken of USA TODAY Sports recently published an article this week suggesting eight potential landing spots for Alabama offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin next year.

West Virginia: “Shane Lyons, who took over as athletics director last year, came from Alabama where he worked closely with the football program.”

Arizona: “Rich Rodriguez was considered damaged goods when athletics director Greg Byrne hired him, so there’s a history of rolling the dice on big names.”

N.C. State: “It still seems unlikely the Wolfpack will make a change, but Dave Doeren is 6-18 in the ACC and if things continue to go south, who knows?”

Kentucky: “Nobody is going to be a bigger rock star in Lexington than John Calipari, but Kiffin might give him a run for his money.”

Houston: “If Tom Herman left, the school would undoubtedly want to think big and bold given the recent success and financial resources that have been poured into the football program.”

San Diego State: “Rocky Long is going stronger than ever, but he turns 67 in January and there have been retirement whispers.”

Fresno State: “It’s a little-known fact that Kiffin graduated from Fresno State in 1996 and started his coaching career there.”

Auburn: “No way, right?”
Many believe that Kiffin will be leaving Alabama after this season to take over a head coaching job. What's your thoughts?
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genuineLSUtiger89 months
Add LSU to the list. I think there is a better than even shot we see Freshwater on the LSU sidelines next year.
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Corch Urban Myers89 months
I see him taking a west coast gig. SD State or Fresno.
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Kentucker89 months
Would not want him at UK after what he did to Tennessee.
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DragginFly89 months
He should wait for UGA.
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Titus Pullo89 months
Kiff has done a helluva job at UA and I hope he hangs around calling plays for awhile. Unfortunately i don't see that happening, Sark will probably be the OC when Lane gets a HC gig.
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SECdragonmaster89 months
Only reason Auburn made the list is for click bait.
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chRxis89 months
him at Auburn and Saban still at Bama would be EPIC...
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DawgGone89 months
Hugh Freeze is going to get the boot due to the NCAA sanctions. Ross Bjork and Kiffin are two peas in a pod. Lane will become a Rebel and continue to terrorize Bama.
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randomways89 months
Given how his last tour of duty ended, I doubt Kiffin would be in a hurry to take on *another* program crippled by sanctions. Maybe, but if the stakes were high at USC, imagine how high they'd be at a team in the SEC-W.
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Audacious_Hope89 months
I can't stand the guy, but he's a damn good job for the gumps even with Saban being a dick to him on the sidelines every game. If he does take a HC position, I hope it's not in the SEC. It'd be great if LSU hired Herman and then Kiffin went to Houston. We get a great head coach and get Kiffin out of Bama without even having to hire the POS.
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prisonpunk89 months
I wish Texas A&M would fire Sumlin and hire Kiffin.
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TigerFan5555589 months
uh why? you dont like winning? pretty obvious all sumlin needed was a DC
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Jack Daniel89 months
Why would the Arixona job be open?
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BamaGradinTn89 months
Lol at the idea that Kiffin would ever consider NCState or Kentucky.
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CockInYourEar89 months
Auburn or bust
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Mr. Hangover89 months
West Virginia cause it's the trashiest on the list
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RECConspiracy89 months
Well, UT fans were burning couches when Kiffin left
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