Urban Meyer Was Asked About The Gap Between Alabama And Ohio State
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During his appearance on the Big Ten Network, Urban Meyer shared his thoughts on how a program can close the gap between Alabama and the rest of the college football field...

“I used the word the ‘chase’ in 2012. Our conference was very average. The Big Ten Conference was not great,” Meyer said, via 247Sports. “And then people started recruiting and pushing and started going, and the reality is the best team in the Big Ten got beat by Alabama soundly. That’s OK. Ohio State’s recruiting at a level, they’ll be back here.

“I think it’s a challenge for everyone else in this conference to get going. I mean, the whole country saw this. And that’s not just the Big Ten — that’s the Pac-12 and the Big 12 as well. The reality is that Alabama’s on a different stratosphere right now. Go catch ’em. The one school that’s recruiting at that level is coach Day and Ohio State. So I think that this is a standup call for everybody. I can tell you there’s coaches across the country — are seeing that team that just played tonight, saying, ‘We have to go get them.”

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Did anyone else read that as "Urban Meyer is a douchebag"?
Reply2 months
It's killing the game.
Reply2 months
The year before Alabama, it was LSU that won it all. Kudos to Bama, but it's not just them. The top tier of the SEC is dominant, and outside of the SEC only Clemson and Ohio State have even been close. No other team in college football is even registering on the national championship radar right now (please don't anybody say Oklahoma, because they need to prove that they can be competitive in a national title playoff game first).
Reply2 months
Oklahoma wants me but I can't go back there....because they can't play defense when needed to!
2 months
There's top tier SEC and then there is Alabama. No other school in the conference can even be mentioned in the same breath with a program that has 6 NC's in the past 12 years.
2 months
Oklahoma did show that they could be competitive - 2018 Rose Bowl. Nearly beat Georgia, who Bama had to come from behind to beat in the title game.
2 months
He is wrong with blowing his OSU smoke "the one school that's recruiting at that level is coach Day and Ohio State." OSU isn't the only team out there competing with Alabama in recruiting. Nobody is matching Bama's recruiting but certainly Georgia, Clemson, and even LSU has been matching OSU's efforts when it comes to recruiting.
Reply2 months
"and even LSU has been matching OSU's efforts when it comes to recruiting" Well technically nobody is trying as hard as Tennessee and LSU ammaright $?$
2 months
Hahaha a fan of Dodger Charger University make jokes about sketchy recruiting. Keep your head in the sand man!
2 months
Alabama has 16 of the composite top 100 and Ohio State has 12 and are heavily favored to get the #3 recruit in April. What other teams are you referring to that are at that level in recruiting. LSU has 9 which is damned strong but then it drops to Georgia with 7 and Clemson with 6. The numbers seem to bear out his statement.
2 months
Who gives a frick what a Pro football coach has to say about college football?
Reply2 months
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