Alabama 4-star signee Nigel Knott has a mom with some baking skills. Check out this Crimson Tide-themed cake she made to celebrate her son's collegiate decision...
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She’s actually Pastry Chef graduate of the French Culinary Institute.
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Gary Busey99 months
His eyes make him look high
user avatar
bedlamite99 months
I've shite turds that look better than that.
user avatar
imjustafatkid99 months
That's really impressive.
user avatar
DoubleDown99 months
Some of you will hate on anything that is Bama related. The woman is talented. Respect that, at least.
user avatar
Doug Masters99 months
Look at its eyes. Its sad. Its as if it knows its got that big ugly A on its back. Poor fella.
user avatar
Rouge99 months
Fondit is gross
user avatar
SkintBack99 months
Ugliest cake I've ever seen.
user avatar
SECdragonmaster99 months
Two thoughts:1. I hate bammer and everything associated with the program. 2. That cake is awesome and that lady is talented.
user avatar
Datbayoubengal99 months
Everything exactly as you said. My sister makes cakes like this and she has a site. She did my other sister's cake for her birthday, so I think I'll get her to do an LSU one for me for my birthday later this year.
user avatar
pellietigersaint99 months
who gives a frick?
user avatar
ForeverLSU0299 months
That's piles of $ it's standing on, right?
user avatar
Bama and Beer99 months
user avatar
trippnbama99 months
Looks like it's standing on what was left of the hope and dreams of LSU fans after November 7.
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