Former Alabama Player Josh Jacobs Reveals These Are The Jokes Nick Saban Tells At Practice
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Former Alabama RB Josh Jacobs was on Mike Florio’s PFT Live this week, where he shared some Nick Saban stories. One in particular revealed that the Crimson Tide coach has a funny side...

What people don’t understand about him is he’s actually very funny. He’s definitely a players’ coach. I remember one day at practice I was just catching a lot of balls—and you know he works with the defensive side so he’s always on the offensive players. Whenever we do something good, he just gets mad, gets to cussing out Eddy. And that’s one of the longest referees we’ve ever had there. He’s just funny, man. He gets to slamming the hat on the ground and all of that, it’s just funny. …

I was one of the rare lucky ones. He never really yelled at me. He used to joke with me and say a couple of things, but besides that he never … Like if I was catching a lot of passes that day, he would try to say something like, ‘Hey Josh, you keep catch all these passes, how about you hold deez?’ or something like that. Just something funny for a coach to try and translate and get to know to each player.
You can here his whole interview here.

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Saban is as tall as Deez Knees.
Reply3 months
Great story.. Bored as fuk
Reply3 months
Saban is the man
Reply3 months
Oh, look! It’s a Gump insulting everyone’s intelligence by lying to us about Saban being a “player’s coach” This is just a made up story and PR stunt to bolster the midget’s image. He isn’t a “player’s coach” and never will be.
Reply3 months
What years did you play for him?
3 months
8 in row Les....#9 is coming
3 months
"he just gets mad, gets to cussing out Eddy. And that’s one of the longest referees we’ve ever had there." 100% chance this guys is hired by the SEC by the end of today.
Reply3 months
Also, this ref named Eddy (or Eddie?) who's been there a long time, gets cussed out by Saban when bama O is playing better than D? It infers that the ref is to blame in these instances. So, if things aren't going so well in a game … hmm. Whether Saban is just joking doesn't change the reasoning of the matter. LOL
3 months
Love Saban
Reply3 months
Post a pic of your wife
3 months
Like this loser would ever have a wife
3 months
What’s your email? I’ll send you one of my ex
3 months
He's told Ed O to "hold deez" a bunch. Ed O falls for it every time, too.
Reply3 months
Sounds like he only went for the low hanging fruit.
Reply3 months
Don't try to convince us that saben is funny. He is a miserable SOB just like Bill Belichick. I admit that I really wish they were coaching my team. But, they are not funny.
Reply3 months
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