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According to sources, at least five players have tested positive as voluntary in-person workouts were to start on Monday, June 8. Athletic director Greg Byrne released this statement...

“The health and safety of everyone, including our student-athletes, coaches, staff and fans has been, and will continue to be at the forefront as we prepare to return,” Byrne said. “We appreciate the leadership and guidance of the Southeastern Conference and its Return to Activity and Medical Guidance Task Force throughout this situation to best equip our campuses with educational materials and recommendations on best practices.

“Resumption of voluntary in-person activity is an important step in moving us towards the fall athletic season, which we are fully preparing for with a phased approach beginning June 8. In addition to our public health officials, we are fortunate to have an elite sports medicine staff here at Alabama, from our athletic trainers to our team doctors that we will continue to take direction from as we make decisions for a safe return.

“We look forward to welcoming back our student-athletes, coaches and staff to campus.”

This story will be updated.

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user avatar
BobABooey45 months
First test most of these guys have passed on their own in years.
user avatar
LSUNV45 months
Are they sure they used the right test? Maybe they confused drug test with Covid
user avatar
ROPO45 months
And none were sick. Quarantine them until they test negative a few times in a row.
user avatar
JustGetItRight45 months
A little deer antler spray will clear it right up.
user avatar
SD Tider45 months
Every team will have to deal with this. Maybe not North Dakota state
user avatar
burreauxxx45 months
Trying to get herd immunity out of the way before the season. Wouldn’t put it past him to administered it. Saban ahead of the game again
user avatar
Drizzt45 months
Lil Nicky is so pissed at the Rona now
user avatar
puse0145 months
Gumps ruining it for everyone
user avatar
Champs45 months
more proof the end is near?
user avatar
Luke45 months
Shut it down
user avatar
brewdrees45 months
I hate to say it but NO FOOTBALL this year.
user avatar
husslemane45 months
I won't go that far yet, but we're definitely rushing it. This is far from over.
user avatar
Bucktail145 months
Your'e a moron. And not based just on this post. Overall, you're a terrible poster
user avatar
js159145 months
There will be plenty of football this year. You need to lay down and stop hyperventilating.
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