CFB Playoff Chairman Explains Why Alabama Dropped 7 Spots
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Alabama dropped seven spots from #5 to #12 in Tuesday's College Football Playoff rankings. When asked why, playoff committee chairman Rob Mullens explained...

Head-to-head is certainly a key part of it. It also matters what happens around you.

Alabama, their only two losses are to a No. 2 and a No. 11 team. However, they only have two wins over Power 5 teams with winning records, both Texas A&M and Tennessee, who are 7-5.

When you look at Auburn, obviously they have the head-to-head. They also beat the No. 13 team. Close losses to No. 2 and No. 4.

Specifically when you look at those two, the head-to-head probably did carry the day at the end of the day.
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bamagreycoat51 months
frick the committee and the whores that gave birth to every one of them. That’s about all I got.
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DoubleDown51 months
As a bama fan, I don't care. Not in the top4? Put as #365 or #62 or #5. Does not matter.
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CFFreak51 months
Simple answer ... they want Ohio State in the final. And willing to let LSU and Clemson fight it out for the other spot in the final. Should be obvious to everyone. With Tua out, Alabama is ranked where they probably should be even though it was done to hurt LSU. Bama may end up killing some poor team in the Tangerine Bowl though like they did to Michigan State in 2010. Kirk Cousins still feeling some pain from that game.
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KingDaddyRabbit51 months
The committee spokesman is nothing but a spin doctor. I couldn't care less what he says cause I know that everything that comes out of his mouth is either a lie or a half-truth.
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habanos51 months
Bama dropped because Tua is out for the bowl game. This means fewer Bama fans attending the bowl game resulting in lower profits.
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Veritas51 months
So why did they keep them at 5 after they lost to LSU?
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xCptNemo51 months
They dropped from 3 to 5 after the LSU game
user avatar
LSUbest51 months
Why do they have to explain? They don't explain to anyone else!
user avatar
BamafaninFlorida51 months
defensively they were a disaster....dont know why anyone would argue they need to be higher and Im a Bama fan. Could care less who plays qb, if they don't their defense figured out they can quit worrying about playoffs.
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Placebeaux51 months
But why Michigan only dropped 1 spot after getting their poo pushed in? Answer that baw.
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bigman33451 months
losing to the number 1 team isnt the same as losing to a team with 0 offense
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siliconvalleytiger51 months
Their two p5 wins didn’t change overnight. So why were they so highly ranked to begin with?
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TigerOnThe Hill51 months
"Their two p5 wins didn’t change overnight. So why were they so highly ranked to begin with?" Correct! Previously,when Bama only had two P5 wins, it was the CFP Commitee's "eye test" that kept Bama so highly ranked and their weak schedule didn't matter. Now that they've lost to #11 Auburn, their weak schedule is responsible for dropping them and the "eye test" is no longer a factor. The CFP Committee can alter the rankings however they want to and cite whatever criteria will justify their actions.
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CDawson51 months
Eye test, man. Don't you know what that is?
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Erin Go Bragh51 months
Bama dropped seven spots so the committee could downplay the LSU victory thus protecting OSU at number one. Funny how many OSU opponents are ranked much higher by the committee than they are in both the AP and Coaches polls.
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Bamafan2451 months
They don't want OSU playing clemson in the first round. LSU is getting the shaft, and should be the number one team. I hope you guys blow out UGA and Jump to 1. Utah is a basic bye i think for anyone who gets them.
user avatar
SECdragonmaster51 months
But Pawl! They ain’t played nobody!!
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