The University of Alabama unveiled its official NIL collective, named "Yea Alabama," on Thursday. The group's stated mission is to "cultivate and harness name, image and likeness opportunities for Alabama student-athletes" across the board....
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kjntgr16 months
Why are they pronouncing “yea” as YAY
user avatar
machismo6416 months
I guess "The Tide Pod" was taken.
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TwoDatBait16 months
They let the fans decide the name I see….
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lsusteve116 months
Why not "Rolling Tide" Yea is awful
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OGTiger16 months
‘Bama had ‘Buy You Tide’ in the works but it was too close to the LSU NIL name so they canned it.
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RockChalkTiger16 months
REC gone legal
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Mouth16 months
Why would TD post this on their website?
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conman16 months
Saban got a fresh coat of hair color
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Long Dawg16 months
not a lot of "YEA" for Bama Football the last two years. Not a lot of "YEA" in the OC/DC searches either - LMAO
user avatar
JackieTreehorn16 months
Not a whole lot of yea for Georgia over the past 50 years.
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cajunmud16 months
I signed up at Bayou Traditions yesterday to give a few bucks a month to LSU. It left a bad taste in my mouth.

There is a card fee added, every month it seems, on top of your donation. I give to several different orgs every month thru Paypal and not 1 has this BS fee (card, processing, shipping & handling etc) added on.

So I emailed them and told them what I thought about it and they said that you can choose to not pay it and let LSU pay it.

Why does LSU pay/need a 3rd party to collect their money, at all? None of these other orgs seem to farm that out. It just looks and smells bad to me, incompetence at a someone's brother-in-law owns the company or something.
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JumpingTheShark16 months
I understand the term “yea” but because you say it like yay Alabama it sounds stupid af
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Albino Potato16 months
I expect this from Texas A&M but not Bama. C’mon.
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Shaq4prez16 months tired of reading this 3 letter acronym, among others. Many fans have tuned out, only to tune back in when the season starts. See ya in September
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brett40816 months
that may be the dumbest name of any organization in human history
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atltiger648716 months
it's the first two words of their fight song, bro.
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