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Alabama loss to Ole Miss 43-37 back on September 19th in Tuscaloosa but Crimson Tide quarterback Jake Coker said things would be different if they played again this season.

He recently caught up with Dennis Dodd from CBS Sports and had this to say:

“They wouldn't want to play us again,” Coker said. “I think everybody here wishes that [a rematch] could happen ... They're a good team, but we shouldn't have played the way we played.”
The Ole Miss Rebels have gone 4-2 since beating Alabama.
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Mulerider104 months
Haha, Ole Miss doesn't have to. They got that W when it counted. Of course being a Bama guy he is fully aware that the loss won't count in the polls and that the annual mulligan is coming.
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Roaad104 months
Yes, Jake. You throwing 2 yard hitch routes is what scares Ole Miss. Jake Coker is such a badass
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Tuskkman104 months
Ole Piss wouldnt want to play Memphis aging either, or Arkansas.
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oleheat104 months
Talking like that, he better win a national title.
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RECConspiracy104 months
Really entertaining seeing all the corndogs dickride Ole Miss. That's all they can do after 5 in a row.

As for Ole Miss, at the end of the day, it's still Ole Miss.
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tiger114104 months
So the team that won the game wouldn't want to replay the game? This guy is brilliant. I am sure Bama doesn't want to replay any of their wins.
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Tide or Die87104 months
He needs to shut up. He isn't the reason the team won last night. He has no room to talk.
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ehole104 months
This just in... Coker says LSU doesn't want to play us again
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Marco Esquandolas104 months
After the LSU beat down, I would say 'ol Jake was right in that statement...
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Storm Warning104 months
Coker learned well how to live under Alabumble-Gump entitlement.
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ApexTiger104 months
Yeah, Alabama knows all about 2nd chances..

the only team in America that has been granted one for the National title after losing at home, losing the West Division and not winning the SEC...

but hey, I'm not bitter about it. ;)
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Roses of Crimson104 months
Down inside, everybody knows he's right.
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HVO Joker104 months
That mouth breather should be the last person talking. He is the weakest link on that team
user avatar
PorkRoast104 months
Shouldn't he be thinking about LSU?
user avatar
bedlamite104 months
Rematch. Next year. Our house.

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monsterballads104 months
well let them do it over then. because BAMA row tie
user avatar
Rocco Lampone104 months
I sure wish he wouldn't have said that.
user avatar
CockInYourEar104 months
That's the type of shite losers always say, Coker.
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I agree with Coker, the 2015 Ole Miss-Alabama game was a fluke. If they played again, it would be a repeat of last year's game! Wait a minute..
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