We've seen a lot of different prizes for hitting halfcourt shots over the year, millions, thousands, even cars. Alabama? Well, they went a little skimpy on their reward...
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qman918 months
Yea that is pretty lame at least give him a $1000. It's not like the school doesn't have it.
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CanebreakCajun8 months
That gift card can buy his sister/wife a used FEMA trailer.
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Draino548 months
Well, at Alabama, at least he doesn’t have to decide between taking his family or his girlfriend.
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JackieTreehorn8 months
That’s a shite load of full moon half dipped cookies. Good prize.
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soccerfüt8 months
For the average Gump, $200 worth of BBQ gets them laid by three generations of their immediate family. Quite the cause for a Gumpian celebration.
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NPComb8 months
Buck Fama!
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Timeoday8 months
He can resell that BBQ gift card to the highest bidder. There are people in Alabama who will pay 15 to 25 times more than the value of a BBQ gift card, especially when you tell them it is a collectors item.

Gumps are gonna GUMP!!
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imjustafatkid8 months
He got something for free for making a lucky shot. I guarantee you he isn't complaining.
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jfootball148 months
Are those male cheerleaders?
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PeleofAnalytics8 months
The difference is they are not the headliners.
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SuperOcean8 months
If he didn't make it.... Then the let down isnt so bad.
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