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re: OT - I rarely post here but need your support/prayers please - Popi dawg
Prayers for you & your wife . We don’t always understand the reason or timing of tragedies in our life’s but rest assured gods plan is much bigger than ours . He will never leave your side even in your darkest moments & someday you will know his plans . Stay strong brother . ...
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Senior bowl - Popi dawg
After watching some of senior bowl practice , I’m not sure that Newman would have been better than Bennett after all . ...
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re: What's your go-to Waffle House order? - Popi dawg
Used to be chop steak & eggs regular hash browns eggs over medium but they took it off menu several years ago . Now it’s all star & keep the coffee coming !! ...
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re: I'm heading to Lowes - Popi dawg
I always go through the contractors entrance because it makes me feel important. Sometimes I will even take my tape measure! ...
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Secondary for 2021 - Popi dawg
Does Kirby explore the Juco market for help or is there enough in house to hold it down ? ...
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re: Possible NCAA investigation - Popi dawg
Apparently has something to do with Amerius mims picking the Dawgs over tenn . Pruitt must have gotten his feelings hurt !! ...
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Landers - Popi dawg
Not that I miss him but where has landers been lately. ...
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Access to UGA board - Popi dawg
Trying to get access to uga board , been a long time dawg fan since 70s , already stated my case on uga forum dawg rant . Just trying to get in on some of the conversation concerning dawg topics. ...
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