Talented four-star defensive tackle Bobby Brown has flipped his commitment from Alabama to Texas A&M and has signed with the Aggies.

Brown, a 6-4, 282-pound prospect from Arlington, TX (Lamar) has been committed to Alabama for the last six weeks but will be staying home in Texas to play for the Aggies and new head coach Jimbo Fisher.

Brown is rated the No. 17 overall defensive tackle in the country for the class of 2018, according to 247 Sports.

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ColoBama73 months
Hah hah he's a 4 star. Who cares?
user avatar
FishFearMe73 months
Anybody still wonder if Jimbo was worth it? I do not!
user avatar
1973 months
It's his prerogative.
user avatar
Drizzt73 months
That was comedic gold. Wasted on this crowd.
user avatar
JackieTreehorn73 months
Don't be cruel.
user avatar
loweralabamatrojan73 months
Nailed it!
user avatar
5Wide73 months
He must not like winning.
user avatar
vodkacop73 months
This one of those guys that committed but then when asked by a reporter if Saban is upset about losing this player to A$M, Saban doesnt even know who this is?
user avatar
Daowna73 months
Funny because Saban came flying in to get an in home visit with this kid the day after Sumlin was canned to capitalize on the oppurtunity. But I'm sure he had no idea who Bobby Brown was before that happened.
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