Phillip Fulmer Shares How Tennessee Fans Can Get Vols Football Back This Fall
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Tennessee athletic director Phillip Fulmer is expecting to have a full season come kickoff this fall, but he's asking Vols fans to hep make that happen by following some simple steps...


We’re planning on a full stadium and adjust from there. If we don’t, we’re in trouble,” he said during the interview “It’s easier to adjust down than adjust up. Hopeful that the trend will turn back down after it’s turned up in our country in places. Bend the curve back down and we can all participate if we want to.”
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"2 weeks to flatten the curve." Since March.
Reply7 months
The Great Pumpkin talking to those who've been wandering in the wilderness lo these many years
Reply7 months
OK, but what about those of us who had it and now have antibodies to fight it? There is a large percentage of people in that exact scenario. Kind of pointless for us to wear a mask.
Reply7 months
There curve is imaginary. The "news" of an uptick in cases is a lie. And Nobody should wear a mask. It is USELESS. How is it that people are still pushing the masks, after they have been shown to be useless, and actually harmful due to the germs they collect and recycle into every breath you take?
Reply7 months
Phil’s right. The masks actually do keep the germs in, therefore keeping you from spreading the virus to others. But, as a society, we’re too entitled to be bothered with little things like the greater good. So, keep on not wearing your masks. And, when everything is shut down again, we can listen to you complain about it. That’ll be fun.
7 months
It's not for you moron, it's to keep your potentially infected droplets from spraying everywhere. So passionate about being smarter than everyone else just to show you have crippling insecurity and are a complete idiot with low critical thinking skills. Big oof.
7 months
For your peon brain to understand why wearing a mask reduces the likelihood of spreading the virus. LINK /
7 months
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